Hannah, a woman love and chosen but forced to live with a constant reminder of a pain that resided deep in her heart. She had no children. Her love alone was not enough for her husband but he had to get another wife just to have children. The woman he chose, wasn’t kind. She was messy and rude and jealous because she knew that she was only there to bare children not to be loved. Why couldn’t he take a concubine or slave. No she had to be a wife. When Hannah had taken all that she could, she cried out to God. She laid all of her anguish before the Lord. She made Him a promise. Give me a child and I will give him back is what she promised. And God responded with in the a word of prophetic encouragement and granted her request. We can learn many lessons through Hannah. Her testimony holds many revelations to any one struggling with the a deep desire to do what is simple for others but blocked to them: have children, get married, own a home, get an education, get a promotion, preach with power, see miracles in this ministry…etc. There is so much more to Hannah than a story of unfruitfulness. Let God speak to your heart through her testimony.