Abiding in Inspiration – 30 Days in the Breath of God

This book was inspired by “Your Spirit” by Tasha Cobb. I almost named it Abiding in Your Spirit but when I consider the Spirit of God there is Inspiration and so much more. Inspiration is the beginning.

Inspiration is the receiving of the breath of God. When God breathed into Adam, he became a living being. This breath is also interpreted, inspired. When God’s breath inspired Adam, he became Alive. His brain began to work; his heart began to beat. His eyes became to see and he became Alive. In the midst of all of the repetitive business of our daily lives, often our spirit man finds nothing. It is only when we are in the presence of God and He breathes on us that we find His life giving breath. Come spend 30days deliberately, in the breath of God and let Him breathe on you. Come ALIVE!