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Gifted for His Glory

Gifted for His Glory

Take an in depth look at the Spiritual Gifts and how they are the power source of your ministry.



Hannah, a woman love and chosen but forced to live with a constant reminder of a pain that resided deep in her heart. She had no children. Her love alone was not enough for her husband but he had to get another wife just to have children. The woman he chose, wasn’t kind. She was…

Becoming  a Woman of the Word

Becoming a Woman of the Word

If any man – woman – be in Christ, she is a new creation. The old things are passed away and all things are become new. You will enjoy this series of Bible Studies on the Women in the Word of God. They are the Women whose life stories help to instruct, refine and even…

Abiding in Inspiration – 30 Days in the  Breath of God

Abiding in Inspiration – 30 Days in the Breath of God

This book was inspired by “Your Spirit” by Tasha Cobb. I almost named it Abiding in Your Spirit but when I consider the Spirit of God there is Inspiration and so much more. Inspiration is the beginning. Inspiration is the receiving of the breath of God. When God breathed into Adam, he became a living…

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