Dr. Dominique Baptiste is the President of Spirit & Truth Christian University, Author, speaker, television ministry hostess, and a thriving entrepreneur.  She founded Biblical Essentials for Life in 2005. Through expository teaching of the word of God, she focuses on teaching lessons that promote spiritual growth and maturity. Dr. Baptiste has traveled extensively to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her desire is to see believers everywhere Know God, Serve God and Live Godly.

In the marketplace, she is a technology leader in process engineering, software applications, and system integrations. She leads a consulting practice helping clients maximize profitability through the integration of optimized processes and leading-edge technology.

She also holds multiple degrees in technology, business, and theology. She earned her DMin in 2014. She is a faithful servant in the kingdom of God and continues to serve as the Holy Spirit leads.

Dr. Baptiste identifies with the Apostle Paul. She is a tentmaker and a kingdom builder. She currently resides in the southeastern region of the United States with her husband and partner for life.